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Its my passion to place maximum students in various companies and I get motivated when I get blessings of parents of those students whom I help in getting placement. I believe that all the students (whichever place they belong to) should get equal opportunities of placements to shape their career. Because it becomes very difficult to get good job if the student does not get placed through campus/ off campus recruitment drives.

I would like to appeal the students to plan their career in the second year of engineering. The students have to start preparation in second year for 1)higher education (technical/management)- preparation for GATE/GMAT/GRE/TOEFL 2) getting job in the final year (preparation for Aptitude in second year and solving question papers in time limit and working on mock Group discussions/ Personal Interviews in the third year or 3) starting own business after graduation (choosing the business of choice and get details of that business through industrial training in small scale companies during vacation) .

In this era of cut throat competition, “Fluent Communication in English” is the basic need to become successful in any career. Students have to work on this very important aspect right from day one. In my career span of 11 years as a Training & Placement Officer, I have seen many students who were very sound in Technical skills with consistent good academic record but could not get placed in campus recruitment drives because of their poor communication skills. Only way to overcome this problem is to practice speaking in day to day life. Each student should do some Add-On course in his/her own field of technology and if possible should learn one foreign language. Working in industry during the vacation of at least 2 semesters will help the students a lot and will add value to a great extent.